HI, I'm Mike. Nice to meet you! I am currently living and working in Seville. Before I moved there, I studied product design in Valencia, which gave me a decent background in all kinds of furniture design and industrial development. I specialized in product communication working on spanish publicity panorama as art director and 3d designer.

I love creating stuff. I focus my creations on aesthetic innovation and implementation of new technology such as augmented or mixed reality for social media and marketing. Currently most of my works are 3D but sometimes I still like to develop new products!


One Day Design Challenge by Roca

_First price

_We Are Water Foundation Award

Madrid - 2019

Master Design Challenge by Roca

_Best architecture photographer

_Fab Lab Barcelona IOT

_Materfad, Re-Polymer Challenge

Barcelona- 2020



Dreams and Nightmares 

Pocko Gallery  London- 2020

Ventura Future, MDW

Milan Design week - 2019


Feria Habitat Valencia - 2019

Centro de Artesania

Valencia - 2019


Selected Press